Happy Mother’s Day – Earth Day

Catch a falling feather

Catch a fallen feather

When I look up, something catches my eye;

Falling feathers from the sky.

Like a child, I run in the sand,

And try to catch them in my hand.


The morning doves swarm above my head,

Singing their freedom song with their wings spread.

They dance and sing despite the wind in the trees,

And offer humble gifts of peace in the breeze.


The feathers are small, yet brilliant and bright;

They float like a cloud reflecting the light.

A reminder of better days ahead,

And that some things are better left unsaid.


We could look down and grovel in our pain,

Or perceive ourselves as truly insane.

But, where’s the fun in blaming the weather,

When we can look up and save a fallen feather?!


(Written July 9, 2012)

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith
Today, I want to speak from my heart because there’s been a lot of tension in the air. About everything. It’s exhausting – until I walk outside and discover I have my own voice. I’m just a mother and a woman business owner trying to create a better future for all my relatives (now and then).

When I am walking outside under the sun, every bird perched in the trees or soaring over my head is singing its own song. The minute I lift my hand to direct their song, they become silent. Because, all they want is to have their own voices heard and for the hand to be taken away. They just want to remind us how truly fortunate we are to be hearing their voices at all.

And what about the ones that have no voice? Can we look them in the eye and listen to their hearts saying all they want is to be treated equally? They have just as much right to be here as any child of God on this Earth.

If we were asked by a higher power, during our greatest time of need, to reach out and help others less fortunate…what would we do? Would we give up and allow the vultures to steal our thunder, or would we walk on?

If an arrow was thrown our way and a detour crosses our path, will we dodge the arrow and be patient? Will we look to the sky and be grateful for every breath we take instead of cursing the future we cannot see?

Will we forgive our debtors for they know not what they do?
Will we lighten up and learn to laugh?
Will we accept everyone for who they are and respect them for just one day?
Will we stand up strong and speak for ourselves instead of waiting for someone on a white horse to save us? Then again, maybe they will if they listen and know we are doing our best.

Just remember that no thunder can be stolen without it’s consent.

If we stood side by side on the same ground and looked up at the stars on that fateful day,
Would we see stardust falling from the sky and smile?
Or would we see the Wrath of the Titans and cower underground?

If we look up to find a seagull far from home, do we automatically assume it’s all alone?
Do we think it’s there to set us free, or even acknowledge it at all?

We’re all in this together, so put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
When we stand up for what we believe in and faith is on our side,
We can share our voices with respect for others, and know that is enough.


If we stood below the same mountain, would we see the scars of the past or the new growth to support our future? If we stood beside the dark waters, would we curse the water that had no choice or would we try to save the water by using our voice.

We all have value. We all have worth. And we all have a right to walk gently on this earth.
This is our house. Walk on



Follow the crooked path home

Crooked Path

Follow the crooked path home.

Face the wind.

Take a deep breath

And call a friend.


I want to hear my daughter’s choir sing Ode to Graduation,

The day the tassels are turned.

I want to see the pride on her face,

For her victory from all she has learned.


They will be performing the ballad I wrote from the heart,

When the blessing of hardship gave us a brand new start.


She will be a future leader of America.

She will know how to use her own voice with assistance from above.

And she will teach others along her pathway home exactly how to love.




Mikaela L. Jarrett (June 8, 2007), 8 years old

“This world cannot take a life without all the braveness of the world that we have all broughten.  Our hearts, to live alone, we cherish.  We share this world together and our hearts know that we all share this country that we love and will always know.  Remember that our lives are living every moment.  We share the country that we know.  The world lives every moment because we stand on our own.  We have a family by our side to make us feel warm.  Together.  Forever”

Candle in the wind

Candle in the wind

Light a candle,

Watch it glow.

Plant the seeds we wish to sow.

If they holler, let them go

To reap the karma they’ve come to know.


The seeds depend on nutritious soil,

The sun, the moon and clean water that toils.

They do their best when health is fading,

And spread their roots in times abating.


Some will have leaves, flowers and thorns,

Others will bear fruit and vegetables adorned.

Some will wither away and die,

Others will spread their wings and learn to fly.


Only God or the Great Spirit can show us the way,

When we no longer have the strength or the words to say.

Forgive us for we know not what we do,

When faith is lost.

We can only reach out to the people we love,

And let the Great Spirit guide our footsteps gently.

Angels among us

Angels Among Us

I began to write a post stating that we need to go out and find the people who support our dream and never let the dream die.  Then, I realized, that is not how it works at all.  One door closes, another door opens and there they are…The Angels Among Us…presented to us at exactly the time when we need them the most and vice versa.  The thing is, we just had to walk out of the new door and spread our wings to break the fall.

I open my Daily Meditations for Women book by Hazelden Foundation © 1982 and begin to read out loud to practice with the voice I will use to stand up for my daughter’s future from this day forward.  This is what it read…

“I feel we have picked each other from the crowd as fellow-travelers, for neither of us is to the others’ personality the end-all and the be-all.” Joanna Field

“We must look around at the people in our lives today, and know that we have something special to offer each of them, and they to us.  We do travel separate paths together.  We may need to learn tolerance; perhaps a friend’s behavior pushes us to be more tolerant.  Impatience may be our nemesis, and everywhere we turn are long lines and traffic jams.  Our experiences with others aren’t chance.  Fellow travelers are carefully selected by the inner self, the spiritual guide who understands our needs in this life.

“We are both the teachers and the pupils.  We need both our friends and those we may label our enemies for what they can help us learn.”

“I will carefully look about me today with gladness at the travelers I’ve selected to learn from”

Lessons learned while cleaning the nest


A power outage at my home this morning reminded me of a prior post that was inspired by a similar situation in February of 2012.  As my father used to say, “It’s like deja vu again!”  Thought I would share today because I needed to hear the words again…if only to give me the strength to chop the wood that will keep us warm.  To cherish the clean water we have to drink and the bread we have to eat.  To remind me that I have what it takes to provide for my family and I must act without hesitation to preserve our future.

“Lessons Learned While Cleaning the Nest” – February 25, 2012

1.  Sharpen the saw

2.  Live in the moment

3.  Keep both hands on the wheel

4.  Appreciate life

5.  Laugh often

6.  Use your voice

7.  Be the change you want to see in the world

8.  Stop waiting for someone else to pick up the sticks that clutter your world…pick them up yourself with a smile on your face

9.  Use leverage to ease the pain

10.  If you panic, take a deep breath and say “Thank you”

11.  Expect a miracle

12.  Unplug the clock and light a candle

13.  Live in the moment and let it be

No one else can rule your world, so imagine how it will be when there are no limits to building a nest to sustain you the rest of your days.  In creating a haven for all to survive, we give thanks to the ones before us.  Not only do we honor them, we preserve their memory forever.

In that space of timelessness, we discover who we are.  Past, present and future collide…and we are free to fly.

Dear God, It’s Me Again

Dear God

Dear God, make me a bird…so I can fly far – far, far away.
Then again, make me strong…so I can find the will to stay.
Then again, make me wise…so I can understand why
People want to see other people to cry.

Dear God, make me a mountain…so I can breathe clean air.
Then again, make me strong…so I can find a way to climb there.
Then again, make me wise…so I can comprehend why
People want to see other people die.

People, we can gather together in peace.
People, we can reach out a helping hand.
People, we deserve better and we have the right to take a stand,
For the people, of the people and by the people.

Dear God, make me a river…so I always have clean water to drink.
Then again, make me a rock…so I can learn to go with the flow.
Then again, make me an island…so I can help save the people I know.
People who need people.

Dear God, make me a nest…so I always have a safe and a warm place to rest.
Then again, make me an Eagle…so I have the strength to keep on keepin’ on.
Then again, make me an Owl…so I have the wisdom to sing a warrior’s  song.

Warriors who use their voices instead of threatening with their guns.

People, we can gather together in peace,
People, we can raise our voices to the sky.
Come on, people, have a Coke and a smile -
It is, after all, the real thing. That’s just the way it is.


He’ll Never Leave Us Alone…

Thanks God,

Here’s a 70′s flash back for you:


Never give up

Oh, the irony of it all!  Whether to give up on things we cannot change or never give up on the things we can.  Wisdom to know the difference.

Serenity, surrender.

My daughter asks me to untie the knot in her necklace chain that says, “Never give up…ever, ever, ever” while her I-Phone blares the song “Say something, I’m giving up on you.”  I struggle and toil with the chain fighting back with me as time is ticking in the background.  Each pull, every tug making the knot bigger and more challenging.  I’m crying and laughing all at the same time.

I’ve faced this challenge many times before, so I know it takes patience.  I realize that the pressure of time is making things worse, so I let it go and return to it in that silent space when I am alone and time stands still.  That space where my heart tells me anything is possible.  That space where I believe one right move can change the coarse away from any broken chain…where freedom lives.

With a few gentle twists and turns, the chain breaks free and dangles unaltered in my own two hands.  I choose the battles I face with grace and relinquish the ones that tighten the knot or break the chain.

Ring a Bell

Ring a Bell

By Lori E. Jarrett ©

Friday, December 07, 2012


As time rushes by bent on featherless wings,

I see his face before me.

He’s ringing a bell at that store by the mall;

Waiting for someone to answer.


When he smiles his eyes sparkle

Like stardust in a tree…

Then, all of a sudden, he reaches for me.


With his beard all aglow,

He whispers to me.

“Look around you, it’s beginning to snow.

When you think that there’s no hope around you,

Just remember this moment for me”


As he rolled away in his wheelchair, I wondered:

“Did Santa just show me a sign.”

In the distance, I hear the children crying,

And in the glimpse of their teardrops he sings:


“Ring a bell, ring a bell when you’re lonely.

Make a wish and see it come true.

Ring a bell to remind you it’s only

The special magic of the child left in you.

Ring a bell, make a wish and be carefree,

We all can make wishes come true.”


So, I walked to my car feeling silly,

For ever doubting my dreams would come true.

I let go of the fear all around me

And hugged the Santa that I always knew.


“Ring a bell , ring a bell when you’re lonely.

Make a wish and see it come true.

Ring a bell to remind you it’s only

The special magic of the child left in you.

Ring a bell, make a wish and be carefree,

We all can make wishes come true.”



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